Deal between Car Owner Company/ Individual and Lessee will be on their own risk XCARS.PK is not responsible for any loss of car or property

XCARS.PK is designed totally on advertisement basis and has no interests or shares in advertised cars.

XCARS.PK is designed for those who wants to lease their cars directly.

On XCARS.PK you can list your Car for rental purpose only

On XCARS.PK you can contact direct to the Car owners and negotiate directly, where XCARS.PK only displays the Car and its details.

It is Advised for all owners who advertised on XCARS.PK to keep their eyes open and deal the customers on your terms and conditions where XCARS.PK will not be responsible of any loss or payment.


It is Advised to Lessee that they must confirm the car ownership and must make documentation with Car Owner/ Dealer before taking the possession of Vehicle where XCARS.PK will not be responsible for any loss or payment.

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